The Gulf International School offers young children the warmth, nurturing and acceptance that lay the foundation of a happy and meaningful life as a student.

At the School, the nature and style of the learning process is as important as what is learnt. Young children primarily learn through their senses and their bodies. Keeping this in mind our Kindergarten activities focus on developing social skills, language skills, self-help skills, large and small motor coordination, secure relationships with other children and adults and positive self-image in a rich, play-oriented environment.

Attention is given to each child as a developing individual. Communication between parents and teachers is frequent and meaningful to provide an understanding of the whole child.

Each group at the School will have its own classroom or rooms arranged into interest and activity areas appropriate to the child’s development. There is a specially shaded outdoor learning and play area.

The School follows the British Curriculum with suitable modifications taking  in to consideration the international mix of students and their requirements. Arabic and Islamic studies are offered to Omani students and for Arab students who opt for the same.